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By KJB, Oct 4 2014 08:27PM

What NOT to do with your ticket!

Ironing is a little like Marmite; you either love it or hate it (I hate it!). Some people will avoid it at all cost, buying non-crease clothes where possible, and others seem to want to iron everything….including lottery tickets!

It turns out that some of our iron loving players have had a bit of a shock whilst attempting to de-crease their beloved tickets – when the iron touches the paper it turns it black. So to prevent more people getting a shock we thought we’d explain why this is!

Our tickets are actually made from thermal paper – the same found in till receipt machines, which means that tickets are printed by applying heat to the paper, rather than ink.

So, as some of our players have discovered, by using an iron you apply heat to the entire ticket, which turns it black. This can cause problems if you have won!

The good thing about using thermal paper is that we don’t have to use ink. This means that we all save resources and help the environment and, if you dunk your ticket into your glass of orange juice it won’t run…NOT recommended!

We use paper from sustainable Eucalyptus forests, which are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and all tickets are reyclable. So by putting them in a recycling bin they can be used again to make anything from paper cups and note pads to dresses!

Just remember to keep your ticket away from the ironing board.

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